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Issue 17 – A Fan Art Recreation of Sandman #17

Writer: Neil Gaiman, Artist: John Little

Issue 17 of Sandman, written by Neil Gaiman and penciled by Kelley Jones, was printed in July of 1990 and then later re-released in the trade paperback of Dream Country. In this trade, Gaiman & company provided the original script used for the story of Calliope. Being a Gaiman fan, I wondered — what if I recreated the pages based on the elucidated text? Maybe I would learn a little something from the master storyteller. Or waste some time. In any case, here it is. Issue 17.

The Salesman

Artist: John Little, Writers: John Little & Jon Sufrin

The year is 2333 and Earth has become a barren garbage pile due to rampant wastefulness from the “civilization” of yesteryear. The remaining inhabitants suffer wretched lives and survive off leftovers and scraps. Over the course of 68 creepily picturesque pages, we follow the journey of Nathan Mayor, a dangerous and brilliant vigilante-shaman on a mission to eradicate those he deems excessive and immoral.